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Generation-Next IT Solutions Ltd. is a reputed software company in Bangladesh. Which is Brand Name GPAC Software. GPAC Software helps to reduce redundancy Generation-Next IT Solutions Ltd. is a IT company in Bangladesh, It is known for its software called GPAC Software. This software helps reduce mistakes and mismanagement in a company's departments. GPAC software has modules to manage all aspects of a company with ease. The software fully automates the process of handling Accounts, Inventory, POS, Distribution for trading, manufacturing, and service provider company. It is designed for all users with little computer knowledge may use it easily and efficiently.
Initially, Generation-Next IT Solutions Ltd. started as a group to make good software, digital products, and IT consultation. GNIS offers all IT solutions in one place. We provides quick, efficient, and economical solutions to your back-office operations. GNISL has strict rules for making sure the products are good and delivered on time and as per what the customers want. GNISL uses state-of-the-art software and hardware for all of its operations!

Our valued ERP clients

Global Clients


TAT Zipper uses GPAC ERP Software since 2017 to manage their production operations. This software contributed to enhancing their efficiency and productivity. By implementing the software, TAT Zipper has been able to obverse their inventory with greater accuracy, resulting in fewer instances of stockouts and reduced waste.


McEmblem is a Chinese based manufacturing company located in Comilla EPZ. McEmblem has been using GPAC accounting inventory software since 2020 to manage their manufacturing and production operations. This software has played a pivotal role in enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

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We can help you with software development, implementation, training. From accounts to complete ERP solutions.

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Major Advantage of GPAC Software

▢ Web based On-line software
▢ Dedicated Windows Cloud Server
▢ MS SQL Server Database
▢ Easy User Interface
▢ More Faster
▢ Daily auto Backup
▢ Reliable Customer Service
▢ Highly Customizable
▢ Excessive Mobility
▢ Cost-Efficient
▢ Integration of business processes
▢ Increased efficiency and productivity
▢ Real-time access to data
▢ Improved decision-making capabilities
▢ Enhanced customer service
▢ Reduced errors and improved data accuracy
▢ Standardized business processes

GPAC ERP security features

▢ User authentication
▢ User and role management
▢ Audit trail
▢ Two-factor authentication
▢ Data backups
▢ Security updates
▢ Employee training

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Generation-Next IT Solution Ltd. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company. GNISL dedicated to delivering exceptional quality that reflects our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Unlock new possibilities for your business with our breakthrough IT solutions and internationally recognized standards, trust our commitment to continuous improvement. Partnership with us to gain a competitive edge in the market by leveraging our proven expertise for success.


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